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Gretings fellow pagas and human beings!
The following recently came to our notice. We abhore this situation regarding the "christian" book on child trainig called "Training up your child" by The Pearls. This book and others like it Promote child abuse as discipline. We ask you to sight this petition. We also ask that you forward this link to your friends & family. Thanks & blessings,

We are urging to remove any materials promoting or advising the abuse on children from its website. has been made aware of the content of some of the books available on its site, and has stated it does not wish to censor them. These books contain advice and instructions on how to discipline your child, or even your very young baby using severe corporal punishment(i.e.hitting your 3month old with a willow switch onto the bare skin repeatedly in order to break its will, is only one of the many, many deeply disturbing things advocated in these books.).

These books are very disturbing works by what we believe can only be a very disturbed mind. In our opinion censorship sometimes needs to be practised in order to protect the most vulnerable. We ask to recognise its responsibilities and to remove child abuse promoting materials from its website as a matter of urgency.


The Undersigned

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