NEW!!!  The Oak and Owl Coven is pleased to present our Outer Court Training Circle. For further info please email us.  A foundation course covering Altars,Circle casting, Deities Ritual, Visualization and much more. This is a 8-10 week course that is essential for those new to the Craft and those wishing to apply for coven membership. (a good primer for all new Witches) A certificate will be awarded on completion. Cost: $15.00 covers materials. Please see "Course Presentation" at the bottom of this page. Click the slideshow button then left click to see next page(s)


Workshops and other courses: Celtic Deities

Pathworking & Visualization

Celtic Shamanism

The Ogham

Celtic Deities & the Tuatha De Dannan


Wand & Pentacle Making

The Goddess

Incense and sacred oil making

Herbs in magick and medicine

Divination & Tarot

(please note, all workshops require a minimum of three participants - please register your interest)

Cost and Date: T.B.A.

Further courses and workshops will become available as time and mentor availability permit. 



 Please email rowan_macha@hotmail.comfor details.

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