CURRENT HIGH PRIESTESS:(Beltaine 2008 -  )

 Merry meet! My  Craft name is ROWAN MACHA. It is my honour and privillage to be the new High Priestess of the Oak & Owl Coven. It is my aim to continue the great works begun by Raven Storm and I do hope I can live up to the high standard  she has set in leading, teaching and guiding our coven.

Like Raven Storm, I was born in the U.K. (in the 1960's) and emmigrated here in that decade as a small child. I found my path at the age of twenty four when I met a wonderful teacher and friend (Elizabeth B) who introduced me to Witchcraft, herbalism and Celtic Shamanism.

I joined my first coven not long after (about twenty years ago) and have lead two of my own in the years since.

I have been a proud member of the Oak and Owl Coven for three years and now find myself High Priestess as my dear friend Raven steps aside to follow her own path. We all wish her love and happiness secure in the knowledge that she will be there for us should we need her wisdom and support.

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PAST HIGH PRIESTESS: (2004 - 2008) I am RAVEN STORM, High Priestess of the Oak and Owl Coven, Adelaide, South Australia. We are a Celtic based coven est. March, 2004. Along with my fellow coveners, family and friends we are helping Witch Project with this attempt to educate and strive for religious freedom, acceptance and the abolishment of ignorance, fear and lies.

I am a thirty seven year old mother of two, freelance photographer and musician. Born in England were I lived till the ripe old age of ten. My interest in the Craft began at a young age - about eight or nine I think. My favourite Aunt and her husband were members of a coven in England and as I spent a lot of time with her, I learnt much of her path.

When I was nineteen, I dedicated myself to the Goddess and joined a small coven near my home town in Tassie. I spent seven years with this wonderful group of people - my second family before moving to South Australia.

Here, I joined a small study group that later formed into a coven. I became Maiden two years later. About a year later, the coven disbanded and as i felt I had still much to learn and give. Eventually, I started my own coven - The Coven of the Oak and Owl. We now have eleven members meeting for Esbats, Sabbats and special occasions.

My areas of special intertest lie in evocation, divination and Earth energies (ley lines etc).

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